Winter: you are inescapable

Traveling south on U.S. hwy 54 from Dodge City, KS, I was caught in a lightning/hail/sleet mixture and made it as far as Guymon, Oklahoma before stopping for the night. Guymon, located on the Oklahoma panhandle, is a rural ranching town with real cowboys. I know, because I met two of them at The Hideout bar.
This is Blaine:

and his friend Kyle is pictured here line dancing with all the ladies.

Blaine taught me how to two-step and said he worked as a ranch hand just up the road. Kyle said he dug water wells or pulled up water well pumps, not sure–I asked him twice and didn’t want to ask him again. In any case, they both knew how to do some roping. I asked Blaine if he would get his rope from his truck and do some tricks on the dance floor but it wasn’t happening. The Hideout was fun, and by the end of the night it was packed and reminded me of Brewster’s bar in Cannon Falls, MN on New Year’s eve.

I was asking them about the local economy and whether they had any oil rigs like I had seen in Kansas. Kyle told me they had 67 (?) in the area that went dry recently and a lot of people were out of work because of it.

I slept in The Hideout’s parking lot, and by morning a thick layer of ice had formed on everything.

On the road:

Of course, this was closed on a Sunday afternoon, out of season.


So…I’ve never seen so many cattle in one area, probably about 40 or 50 acres of them (both sides of the highway).
Since the sign says what it says, I’ll just post the pics and keep it at that.

It seems obvious here what’s going on, but why no pho-tos? It can’t be to protect trade secrets. Maybe they don’t want people to see where their food comes from. And yes, it smelled horrendous.
Cat(t)le as far as the eye could see.

Snow in Texas

Best not enter this building

Ute Lake, NM (water reservoir). Went for a jog here, saw a bunch of deer.

Taking a break at the rest stop to eat the same spaghetti I’ve been eating for dinner three days straight. Only an hour and a half to Albuquerque and Santa Fe from here. Decided to go to Santa Fe first, so I could go straight west from Albuquerque.



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