Travelog, the beginnings

So I finally left on my cross-country voyage after hanging out a week or so at my parent’s homestead. I’m not gonna lie, it was hard to leave free food, lodging, cable–and my lovely parents (hi mom and dad), but I couldn’t put off the trip any longer.

Here’s the cargo van (Gloria) just hours before I want to leave, somehow, I’m going to fit all this stuff in it:

The dogs don’t think I can do it

But somehow I got three bikes, a twin-size mattress, cardboard table, etc. inside, and now Gloria’s a cozy home.

Everything is ready to go, just one more picture with the happy captain, and I’m off!

Well, I was about to take off when I remembered my dad said to fill up the tank before I left from his gas tank he keeps on the farm. I headed over just past the barn wondering if I could get through the snow and as I was pondering, became stuck in a pile of snow covering a sheet of ice.

After thirty minutes of trying to chop ice underneath the tires my brother came home unexpectedly. Yay! Five minutes later I was unstuck with his help and headed out to the great beyond.

After picking up mace and BB pellets in Rochester, MN I made it to De Soto, Iowa today and got a motel room for the night rather than sleep in the van. Like Beezy says, “you gotta ease into it.”

Tomorrow if the weather’s good: Denver.


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