good cop, bad cop, part 1

Well, I had a mind expanding Thanksgiving holiday. Did I eat too much that food started seeping in my brain you ask? Well, no. The real crazy events happened before Thursday, spending time with my family was more or less ordinary, but I won’t forget that week for awhile.

So, on Monday night, I was biking home from school. About 7 pm it’s already dark, and I know this I got lights and such. I was taking the Greenway bike path, not really the quickest way, but the least obtrusive. I see these guys up ahead kinda hanging out by the Nicollet Avenue bridge. A seedy, shadowy area where assaults and robberies are known to occur, but also which I have passed countless times without conflict. So, I see them and I’m a little suspicious because when they recognize someone is coming down the path I saw them duck under the bridge into the dark. That’s when I got my u-lock out, in case anything was going down and I had some form of weaponry or intimidation. As I get closer the two men come out from under the bridge and start walking along the trail, one in front of the other. I ring my bell as I go by, because at this point the path is narrow, and I wanted to let them know I was friendly, perhaps, and I had seen them.

I pass by the first guy, and as I near the second he quick turns around and pretty much lifts me off my bike sending it flying. I have my lock in my hand and swing wildly hoping to hit somebody. I throw it and send it flying into oblivion. By now the two hoodlums have got me on the ground, on my knees, trying to pin me down, kicking and punching me while I keep trying to grab their legs to throw ’em off balance. Thoughts of rape are racing through my mind, and I scream out “what do you want??”, and one of them replies, “your wallet”. So in fashion with the drama queen that I am (and I haven’t seen any weapons) I start screaming that I don’t have any money, etc. I finally bite one of the guys who is covering my mouth, and that’s the last of it for them. They get up and leave me there, and they walk back to under the bridge.

I see a biker coming up from the opposite way, which the assailants probably saw. He stops and we both head toward the emergency call box on the trail. Cops are called, and they arrive within minutes. They check under the bridge to see if the guys are still there, which of course are not. They walk me down to get my lock, and I am on my way home. They want to give me a ride but I am so close to home. No serious injuries, just shaken up. The guys took nothing!

Wait, story’s not done. The next morning I set off on my trusty steed (bike) about 8:30am to go to the school I tutor at. As I was waiting at a red light a cop pulled up behind me, which I mentally acknowledged. Light turned green, I set out first and got into the left turning lane. After turning the cop, on my tail, does a “woop” with his siren. I stop and look back and ask, “What???” He motions me over to his window. I decline. I keep biking on my path, and the cop has given chase. Now with siren and all on, I am biking down the street like he’s not there, he corners me, I evade, he corners again, and this time gets out of the car, so he can slam me on top of the cop car. Handcuffs are immediately applied, another cop car and an ambulance show up. I’m screaming, “WTF??” he doesn’t really respond. He puts me in the back of the car, I still don’t know what I’ve done. He says I ran the light when I turned left. I “pfft” and maybe get spit on the window divider in my shock. This is clearly made up. I tell him this. I want an answer. He said I pulled out in front of him. I ask if he is making it up as he goes.

He doesn’t know what to charge me for and consults with dispatch. Fleeing? Evasion? Failure to yield to an emergency vehicle? Yes, he settled on the latter. He lets me go, and I immediately call the police to see how I can get a copy of the squad car video tape. It is not too hard, so I order it. I go to a hearing officer the next day. Court date is set. I go to the hospital to document the injuries to my hands from the handcuffs. I call people and tell them what happened. Outraged, helpless, vindictive, assault…words flow through my mind all day trying to figure out what happened. This is not over quite yet…

Part II


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