New Mexico Part II

New Mexico Part I

Where to begin? Well, I guess I’m still in Albuquerque to you, dear reader, so I think I’ll continue where I left off.

In Albuquerque, I spent time with Gloria, Orlando, and Jiggers in the first part of the week, and then with my recently relocated Minneapolis friends Manda and Dan by the end of the week. I can’t thank them enough, by the way, for letting me stay on their couch when Gloria’s was too much to handle. Plus, we had a great time!

The next day after heading to the Sandia peak, I did a little exploring on my own and went to The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History.

The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History is the nation’s only congressionally chartered museum in its field and an intriguing place to learn the story of the Atomic Age, from early research of nuclear development through today’s peaceful uses of nuclear technology. Originally known as the National Atomic Museum, it was established in 1969 on Kirtland Air Force Base before moving to Old Town.

It was worth the eight bucks, I guess. A lot of reading was involved and also looking at recreated bombs and other nuclear science related things.

New Mexico is, of course, home to the Los Alamos Laboratory, where the Manhattan Project was carried out which developed and tested the first nuclear weapon. Los Alamos still researches and develops nuclear weapons today, as does Sandia National Laboratories outside of Albuquerque and several others (which I found on

The Kirtland Underground Munitions Storage Complex (just south of Albuquerque) “is the largest storage facility for nuclear weapons in the world,” per Wikipedia. SCARY!


Replica of the bomb that was dropped on Japan


I’ve had a mammogram before and I know how much they hurt and important they are to women’s health, but I still find this picture amusing.

Then Manda and I biked around to the balloon museum and a couple wineries.

Or did we go to the wineries first?

Guess what I ordered and you could win a prize!

Goodbye Albuquerque!


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